Art is the Weapon

This podcast is not art school or intended as an esoteric discussion on styles, techniques, or what art is or is not. This podcast is about artists who create weaponized art—That is, art that advocates, motivates, educates and inspires; art that expands Black consciousness and extends Black culture.

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This episode of ART IS THE WEAPON is not a critique of social media, nor is my intent to confirm or deny the impact technology is or is not having on art museums or art galleries. But would you really want to see a Frida Kahlo or Jackson Pollock retrospective on Insta?! How about retrospectives of Romare Bearden’s collages or Sam Gilliam’s abstracts on SnapChat? What about Elizabeth Catlett’s sculpture on Pinterest? Would Kehinde Wiley’s statue, Rumors of War, which replaced the confederate statue of Robert E. Lee, in front of the Virginia Museum of Fine Art in Richmond, Virginia—would it work on TikTok?

So then, would you really want to spend the afternoon touring the DeYoung Museum in San Francisco, the Getty Museum in West Los Angeles, or the Brooklyn Art Museum in one of their beautiful galleries to see endless video screens of NFTs such as cartoonish apes, or monotonous animated cats?

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$10 Million Dollar Cartoon Mouse NFT Now Worth Fiddy Cent!

NFTs are bought and sold with Ether which was driving some of the gains for Ether, but with NFTs waning, and the global recession raging, Ether is plunging in value, and so are NFTs.